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Flexco Ploughs & Skirt Clamps

Eliminator V-Plough
Eliminator Belt Plows feature an exclusive, innovative blade design. The blades 20” leading edge “spirals” debris off the return-side belt surface. Compare this to ordinary flat-blade plows that often just let debris roll under the blade. Eliminator Belt Ploughs are also easy to install on virtually any conveyor structure, and come complete with universal mounting hardware.

Self-adjusting unit eliminates the need to readjust to accommodate blade wear.
Stainless steel turnbuckle permits precise adjustment so the plow can be fine-tuned to the belt at installation and eliminate unit vibration.

Can also be positioned directly behind the head pulley to dump debris right at the transfer point.

Flex-Lok Skirt Clamps
Our versatile skirt clamp design makes it easy to eliminate loading-point spillage on any conveyor loading site - even in severe heavy-loading applications.

Flex-Lok installs easily and features a unique interlocking design that allows one person to replace or reposition skirt rubber. When properly installed, the skirt rubber will not rub on the belt or cause premature wear or gouge marks on the belts.

Flex-Lok utilizes a unique clamp pin and wedge lock assembly, so the assembly can be locked in any position 360 degree around the pin. Clamp plates and pins can also be placed in various positions along the clamp runners - even in the most restrictive environments.
Two models are available to fit your conveyor requirements. With an overall height of just 5- 1/2” (135mm), the Mini Flex-Lok is the ideal remedy for loading-point spillage in restricted space applications.


Rockline RDP1
The Rockline RDP1 Diagonal Plough cleans the conveyor belt in front of the tail pulley. It keeps lumps, rocks and other fugitive materials out of the tail pulley where they could cause damage to the belt, mechanical splice, lagging or the pulley.

Installed on a 45 degree angle across the belt, the RDP1 Diagonal Plough discharges the fugitive materials to one predetermined side of the belt for easy cleanup. The blade has a 20” angle on the leading edge to “spiral” fugitive materials quickly off the belt. The blade is installed in a fixed position, eliminating any bouncing or vibration problems that may be experienced with floating-style plows. Plus, the blade is made of specially formulated UHMW polyurethane for long wear life and less friction and wear on the belt.

The RDP1 is easy to maintain. The only maintenance required is an occasional readjustment of the blade to the surface of the belt.


Rockline RMC1
Rockline RMC1 Skirt Clamps provide the cost-effective solution to material spillage problems in your conveyor loading zones. A good material containment system at the loading point reduces conveyor problems and saves cleanup costs. It stops material loss, eliminates safety hazards and reduces wear and premature failure of conveyor components. RMC1 Skirt Clamps are designed for easy installation, quick maintenance and years of service.

RMC1 Skirt Clamps come in a standard 4” (1200mm) length. An optional “Limited Space” (LS) model is available for tight chute configurations or for portable equipment. Also offered is a “Pick- A-Length” (PAL PAK) option for longer length or special length requirements. The RMC1 handles a variety of skirt rubber sizes. It can also be used with a range of skirt rubber thicknesses from 5/16” (8mm) to 3/4” (19mm).

The RMC1 features a no-hassle installation with few parts. First the clamp pins are positioned on the conveyor’s skirt board and welded into place. Then the clamp plates are hung on the pins and the clamp bar and the skirt rubber are inserted. And finally, the clamp bar is tack welded to the plates.

RMC1 Skirt Clamps are very user-friendly for skirt rubber adjustment or replacement. All installation and maintenance work can be done safely from the sides of the conveyor. Just tap loose the locking wedges on the clamp pins, reposition the skirt rubber and relock the pins. It’s easy, it’s fast. The clamp pin’s captive wedge feature allows the wedge to be locked in any position 360 degree around the pin, so it can be installed in the best position for easy access. And there are no parts to drop and lose. The rest of the parts interlock so when the pins are unlocked, they remain in place supporting the skirt rubber while maintenance is completed.


Rockline RLP1 LD
The easy-to-install Rockline RLP1 LD Slide Idlers provide load support, impact protection and spillage control in the conveyor loading zone. All Slide Idlers are custom built to the specifications of the conveyor, and can be spaced apart to use as a slider bed or butted together to use as a continuous impact bed.

RLP1s low-friction UHMW slider segments let the belt slide freely, while rubber shock-absorbing impact pads cushion and dissipate impact loading. A smooth troughing radius eliminates pinch points that cause belt damage; and a continuous seal bar removes support gaps under skirting that can allow material spillage.

RLP1 LD Slide Idlers install in minutes - without raising the belt or rebuilding the transfer area. And RLP1 requires no routine maintenance. There are no moving parts to wear out or bearings to grease. When the long-wearing slider segments need to be replaced, simply slide the new segments on and the old segments are pushed off on the other side. Flex-Lok has an overall height of 8” (203mm).

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